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The Always-On Generation

The Generation Z today is the “Always-On” generation. Youngsters today are hooked constantly to social media networks like Twitter, Tumblr, Faceback, Live Messenger etc. They can spend hours behind the computer, IPhone to keep up their virtual persona. The energy, passion in maintaining their virtual presence, “talking” to virtual friends, sharing photos regularly is simply amazing.

Acquaintances or even strangers are “friends” instantly at a click of the mouse. In the past, we can only call a friend, when you have met or know personally, the word “friend” doesnt seems too hold the same weight virtually. Keeping friends updated on one’s recent activities seems to be the hip thing to do these days for Generation Z. Gone are the days that one choose to divulge one’s activities only to selected individuals, these days it become an open secret to know the whereabouts , the activities one is doing. Generation Z has no qualms about letting everyone know and certainly is more trusting that these info will not be used against them as “Everyone is doing that”!

To be the parents of Generation Z, we have better keep up too. We may not be always-on, however we need to keep tabs of what our kids do to guide if necessary, thus do not lag behind too much; be a friend on your kid’s facebook, follower on Twitter etc. In this way, we can sing the same lingo…though maybe a bit off tune!

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